Lease Wear & Tear

AAGI’s AutoGuard Excess Wear & Tear is the hottest product in today’s leasing market. Lease customers incurred over a half billion dollars in excess wear and tear charges last year. AAGI’s EWT can eliminate or minimize those EWT charges so that leasing is a carefree and enjoyable alternative to financing a vehicle.

EWT program highlights include:

  • Pays up to $5,000 in total EWT charges
  • Coverage for dents, scratches, window chips, tears, burns and missing parts
  • Lease terms up to 72 months are eligible
  • Coverage available for lease returns any time prior to lease end and up to one year after original scheduled lease termination date
  • Eligible vehicle MSRP’s up to $150,000
  • $0 deductible option
  • Certified Pre-owned coverage available for vehicles with up to 20,000 miles at lease inception and no more than 3 years old