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Gap Products

The Milby Group provides GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)

coverage using the top companies in our industry. Our GAP coverage pays negative equity when the customer experiences a total loss of the vehicle through theft without recovery or physical damage due to an accident.


Through our GAP companies, we can offer: 


Prompt Claim Checks:

      Claims checks written within a few days of receipt of all correctly completed claim documentation.



GAP Only:

     Standard GAP coverage for dealers or financial instiutions for up to an 84-month loan or lease coverage.



GAP Plus:

     Plus benefit for dealers for up to an 84-month loan or lease, where the customer receives a $1,000 benefit for repurchasing a vehicle from only your dealership as an added benefit of the GAP claim.



"A" Rated:

     "A" rated insurance companies insure every GAP contract available through The MIlby Group.



Major Lending Institutions:

     Accepted by major lending institutions including GMAC, Ford Motor Credit, Chrysler Financial, Honda American Finance Corp., Toyota Motor Credit and more.



GAP for various motorcycles and recreational vehicles:





                    Golf Carts



                    Personal Watercraft







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American Auto Guard Inc

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