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Sales Training

How expensive is the untrained sales associate to your dealership? 


In many cases, Auto Dealers have several million dollars invested in their location. They spend thousands of dollars to create an image of excellence that will bring potential clients to the dealership.  And much of the time the first person to meet that client is the most untrained person at the dealership - the Sales Associate. Why? Because sales training is difficult to get started and even harder to maintain over time.


 The Milby Group's "Circle of Influence" course will:

  • Provide the process needed to get started

  • Provide sales at a high CSI level

  • Provide you with a professional staff

  • Provide you with an on-going training program

  • Our training is personalized to your location and desires

  • In-house or off-site programs available.


The only time training costs you is when you don't have it.

You can afford us.