Welcome to the Milby Group

The Milby Group Insurance Agency, Inc., specializes in the development and growth of Finance and Insurance (F&I) departments in transportation dealerships & businesses.


The Milby Group offers a full line of F & I products and services such as Gap and Vehicle Service Contracts, as well as F & I, Auto Sales, and Compliance Training.  Businesses that use our products and training resources include auto, motorcycle, recreation, banks, and credit unions. Training services are free to Milby Group Accounts.


Training is the Heart of Our Business.


We assist our clients in the recruitment, hiring and training of F & I and Sales Staff. Quality people drive a business and in today's climate they seem to be in short supply. We can help you acquire and retain the professional person.  Everyone has a product to sell but very few can deliver that product to their clients with equal consideration of customer satisfaction and profits. Taking a new recruit through the various stages of growth in skill is our strength.

It is possible to have the highest sales skill and penetration in your market place without giving up your integrity and character. We will never trade our integrity for money.

We are a family run business that has been in the Auto Industry since 1974.